Weekly Roundup 5/17/13

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Site News:

We’re hoping to be doing some minor tweaks and fixes to the site. Nothing major, but we’re excited all the same!



New Games:

Stronghold Games has announced their upcoming Origins and GenCon releases. The Origins releases include Time ‘n’ Space, Vampire Empire, and Voluspa. At GenCon, you can expect Revolver 1.3: Vengeance on the Frontier, Revolver 1.4: The Tarnished Star, Revolver 1.5: Death Rides a Horse, and SPACE CADETS: DICE DUEL! Follow the link for more details.

Privateer Press will be releasing Hordes: High Command and Warmachine: High Command in 2013. Both are deck-building games set in the same universe as the popular mini’s game. (via BGG)

This one is actually a re-release, but still. Fantasy Flight has made some changes to Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (AKA Frodo and Friends Go For a Walk). They’re re-releasing it in Q3 2013.




Fantasy Flight is releasing a new expansion for Civilization. Wisdom and Warfare is due out later in 2013. It will feature new relics, culture cards, and a new city action, in addition to “much more.”



Other News:

Game Chef 2013! I had admittedly not heard of it until earlier today, but now I’m super excited. It’s an annual game design competition, with the catch being that each game must use the theme and ingredients listed on the Game Chef website. They’ll be revealed on May 17th, which is when the comp starts. (via Purple Pawn)

Want to look like you stepped right off Park Avenue? Fashion/Pop Culture site The Hairpin posted a few clever (though pricey) outfits based on classic board games. The Monopoly one is as swanky as Gene Wilder in a tux.

That is one classy monster.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? It’s a skit from The Mythical Show poking fun at games that take the complexity waaaaay too far.

Here’s another video, too, combining some cool editing tricks and great music with plenty of recognizable games. Check it out if you have a minute.

And I’ll just leave this Tetris-shaped board game closet here, in case your gaming storage isn’t quite tricky enough.



Set course for weekend. Engage.

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