Weekly Roundup 5/10/13

Weekly News


New Games:

According to this post at Theology of Games, things are looking so great if you wanted a copy of Terra Mystica. Z-Man VASTLY oversold, and even pre-orders aren’t guaranteed. (via Theology of Games)

Even Snape is upset. 

BoardGameGeek is reporting that Cwali is releasing two titles later this year. Factory Fever is a puzzle game, while KL-886 is a deduction game that takes place on a plane. (via BGG)

Gaming in the ‘Verse, an exclusive preview of the upcoming Firefly RPG, will be available at GenCon. You know what that means?

Jayne is totally ready to roll up a character.



Other News:

Ok, who hasn’t pulled out their copy of Candyland and been all “Hey, this game totally needs more fishnets and eye sparkles.” No? Well, apparently someone at Milton Bradley did. I’m totally fine with updates and all, but maybe Queen Frostine shouldn’t look like a knockoff Barbie? Maybe? (via The Atlantic)

Gen Con has posted their event listings! If you have a login, you can view here.

An interview on Postnoon describes the creation of the first modern Hindi board game.

Purple Pawn collected a whole gigantic list of board game related crimes. We are some shifty, shifty people.

There might be a D&D move, according to Deadline Hollywood (via BGG). While it’ll definitely have a bigger budget than Gamers, I’m not sure it’ll have the heart.

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