Weekly Roundup 4/10/14

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Site News:

Pax East is this weekend! This means three things. First, apparently everyone is holding their cards this week for the convention. 

Second, we’re arranging a time where people can stop by in the free play area and say hello, but if you are a game designer looking to demo or a fellow reviewer who will be attending, we would love to hear from you!

Third, we’ll also be speaking there! Talk Like A Board Game Geek will be on Friday at 6PM. Come on by!



Fantasy Flight is releasing First Contact, a new pack for the Netrunner LCG, and A Dire Message, a new pack for the Game of Thrones LCG.

Ruins, an expansion for 51st State, is due out April. Which is now.

The Firefly game is about to expand as well! Pirates and Bounty Hunters will be out soon and, unsurprisingly, it features pirates and bounty hunters. The expansion is designed to make the game more interactive and aggressive, which may remedy the common complaint of the game being too solitary. If nothing else, it’ll add some gorram variety.


Crowdfunding Corner:

Among the Stars is up on Kickstarter. This was originally released in 2012 at Essen, and it’s slated to be out in time for Essen 2014. The game allows players to build their own space station, taking care to make it as efficient as possible. $50 will get you a copy of the game, but it’s only $40 if you can pick it up at Essen. Well, $40 + the cost of going to Essen.



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