Weekly Roundup 3/6/14

Weekly News



Formula D is releasing a New Jersey/Socchi expansion – one map per side of the board. (via Purple Pawn)

Quarriors: Light vs. Dark will be out in June. While it can act as an expansion if you already have a Quarriors set, it can also be played as a standalone. (via BGG)


Crowdfunding Corner:

Manifest, the fifth title by SchilMil Games, is a pick-up-and-deliver game set in the 1920s – an age of high glamor, slow boats, dangerous seas. Your task is to move goods and people from port to port, avoiding pirates, bootleggers, and other calamities along the way. The game has two difficulty levels – at its most simplistic, it’s a luck-filled family game. In expert mode, the luck of the draw is replaced by a drafting mechanic that lends more strategic control to experienced players. $55 (NZD) gets you a copy of the game.

(Note: There’s a lot of controversy over whether Queen Games should be using Kickstarter to fund their projects – but regardless of what you think of that, they are using Kickstarter so, technically, this game announcement goes here:)

Greed, by Donald X. Vaccarino is set in late 1960’s America. Players draft three kinds of cards – actions, thugs, and holdings. lead gangs to collect the most money. It’s a $35 buy-in for the game.

Steampunked Time Machine is a card game in which players are mad scientists trying to build their time machines in the most aggressive way possible – forming and breaking alliances, stealing parts and gizmos . . . $20 will get you the core set, though two expansions are also available on Kickstarter.

Hoyuk is a tile-laying game by MAGE Company. Players represent early human clans as they vie for control of the land and attempt to build the best settlement. A $50 pledge will get you a copy of the game.

You know how you can tell that Arcadia Quest has minis? It’s funded at 700% of its initial goal already! It’s likened to World of Warcraft in which players are guild leaders raiding a city and fighting monsters. . . which would also make it a lot like Dungeons and Dragons. Interesting that they didn’t choose that comparison instead. Anyway, the game is available at the $100 pledge level.

Robots on the Line is game where you get to build robots! It’s billing itself as strategic, yet light, and I have to say that if the game is designed nearly as well as the Kickstarter page is, we’re in for a treat. $50 pledge gets you the game.


Other News:

The annual Golden Geek Awards were held this week by BGG. They’re exactly like the Oscars, only with less pizza and dancing. Terra Mystica took home Game of the Year and Fate Core took home Best RPG. Check out BGG for a full list of all the winners.


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