Weekly Roundup 3/22/13

Weekly News


Site News:

We’ll be at Pax East this weekend! Look for us near the board games – we’ll have our CR shirts on and everything!



Crowdfunding Game of the Week:

We’ll have a more comprehensive outlook on various game demos later this weekend that we had a chance to play. However, this will also be the last week that we include the Crowdfunding section of our weekly news roundup. This process of informing you of good projects to watch and keep an eye on has been replaced by the now up-and-running Seal of the Republic. Check there for our recommendations going forward.


New Games:

AEG, the company behind L5R, is releasing a new train-themed game this summer.



While it’s not technically an expansion, Zpocalypse has started a Kickstarter to fund some new minis. Also, we’re giving away a set of the Zpocalypse promo cards this week too!


Other News:

Watch the site and our twitter account for news updates from PAX this weekend!



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