Weekly Roundup 3/13/14

Weekly News


New Games:

In Vudu, players are sorcerers who turn their dark arts on each other. It should be out in April. (via BGG)

Video Game High School, by Plaid Hat Games, based on a web series of the same name. (via BGG)



The creators of Guild Ball have announced an RPG based on their popular Kickstarter game. (via Initiative: Tabletop)

Fantasy Flight has announced The Spaces Between, a new pack for Netrunner. This gives players a new type of event/operation card that remains in play until certain conditions are met.

Crash Games has announced an expansion to Council of Verona. (via BGG)

There’s also an expansion on the way for Village and Inka. (via BGG)


Crowdfunding Corner:

The Nile Ran Red is a collection of three Egyptian-themed card games. Each game plays differently, but the ultimate goal is always to control Egypt. The Kickstarter page goes into more detail on each of the games, including the rules and images of all the cards. A $40 pledge will get you the full three games, but they can also be purchased separately for $15 each.

Mars Colony: 39 Dark is a sequel to the two-player RPG Mars Colony. In the game, one player is the leader of a rebellion group striving for freedom for the colonists. The other player, the GM, is in charge of the other characters. The PDF is available for only $6.

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a hand-management card game about robots and baseball. We did a preview here. $32 will get you a copy.

Gone Viking, by designer Francois Valentyne (Give It To The King, Ticket to Ride: Legendary Asia), is a trick-taking game in which players try to gain money, but not the most money. The Jarl demands tribute from the richest player, after all, and you don’t want to give him any of your hard-earned plunder. $34 CAD will get you a copy of the game, but Early Bird specials could save you $4CAD.

Pirate Den is a quick, simultaneous-play bluffing game in which players are scalawags vying for common treasure. $25 gets you a copy of the game.

Viticulture: Tuscany is the mega-expansion to Stonemaier Games’s Viticulture, and it funded in a whopping sixteen minutes. Our preview on it nonetheless will be out in a few days. The game is going for $45.


Other News:

Cryptozooic has promised that they’ll have copies of Card Wars back on shelves as soon as possible. If you haven’t had a chance to floop the pig yet, you may have to wait just a bit longer.


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