Weekly Roundup 2/6/14

Weekly News


New Games:

Reiner Knizia has designed a new Game of Thrones card game for Fantasy Flight. GoT: Westeros Intrigue is a political card game in the spirit of GRRM’s books – so, lot’s of backstabbing, throat-cutting, and plotting. Reading the actual description of play, though, makes it sound more like a fancy trick-taking game than anything. I’m reserving judgement for the moment. I like all of the minds behind the project, so I’ll have to wait and see. It should be out soon in 2014.

Vikings, Arboretum, Akrotiri, and Pocket Battles: Confederacy vs. Union will all be released in 2014 by Zman Games.

The upcoming Mayfair game, Hot Tin Roof is, much to my disappointment, not a game in which all players have to do their best Liz Taylor impressions. What the game actually is remains a bit unclear, but the description points to path-finding elements.



It just wouldn’t be a link roundup without a million new expansions from Fantasy Flight. Here’s what they’re working on now: Dice Pack for BattleLore; Upstalk for Android: Netrunner; Ancestral Home for GoT: The Card Game, The Three Trials for LotR: The Card Game;

The DC Deck-Building game is soon to include Heroes Unite, a new expansion featuring Batgirl, Hawkman, and Black Canary (among others). We’re unsure why so many bird-related ones are making it in all of a sudden…


Crowdfunding Corner:

Heroes of Metro City, the superhero deckbuilding game (our August 2013 Indie Spotlight game and #1 Kickstarter game of 2013) has an expansion in the works. Sidekicks and Storylines adds 160 cards to the original game. These include new powers, energy sources, and villains. As the name states, your hero is now able to recruit sidekicks (who give their own bonuses in a fight). You also have the option of using the new storyline cards to give your hero(ine) a little more depth. You can get the expansion for the $40 pledge level.

With the Superbowl just wrapped up, it’s a good time to think about the future of sports – especially Slaughterball. This is a board game simulating a vicious cross between a cage match/gladiator battle between super mutants. It’s a $100 buy in if you don’t make the early bird specials, but it does have minis.

It’s no real secret that I like diversity in my RPGs, so Against The Dark Yogi is one that I’ll be checking out. It’s set in a mythic Indian world called Bhurloka, and PCs are on a quest to save the universe from a yogi with the power to bring about the final age. $10 nets you a copy of the pdf.

Heroes Wanted, another superhero-themed game, has players auditioning for a place in Champions of Zeta City superhero squad. It looks like it has a good sense of humor and the art is great. It seems to be primarily a hand-management game, but there are aspects of character building as well. $60 gets you a copy.

Lagoon: Land of Druids has players vying for control of a magical landscape. Each turn, they explore new tiles and, in doing so, alter the power of the elements that make up the world. I have to admit that I’m still not completely sure how this all plays out, but the game looks beautiful. It’s a $35 buy-in to get the game.

Mutant Chronicles is about to be in its 3rd Edition – put out by Modiphius, the creators of Achtung! Cthulhu. The world is very deisel-punk, dark future with fantasy elements, and Modiphius is planning on updating the background and world for this new edition. If you liked the original, or just have soft spot for mutants, check it out. £10 will get you the pdf of the Player’s Guide.


Other News:

Mayfair Games is going to continue sponsoring Gen Con until at least 2017.

DeckEpic.com lets you create personalized white and black cards for Cards Against Humanity based on your Facebook activity. Simply log in via the site, select a number of Facebook friends, and it will generate a set of cards with all of the craziness you expect from normal Cards Against Humanity expansions, except they’re all about you and your friends. And their moms. (via Purple Pawn)



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