Weekly Roundup 2/22/13

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Site News:

Members of The Cardboard Republic will be attending TotalCon27 this Saturday, February 23rd in Mansfield, MA. Feel free to stop and say hi if you see us!


Kickstarter Game of the Week:

Do you like the idea of gritty, reality-based science fiction? If so, you should check out Hull Breach! We had a chance to check it out recently at TempleCon. Hull Breach is a card game where each player has a deck representing one of several factions vying for control of their sector of space. Here, you’ll build up resources, requisite ships, and do what you can to eliminate the competition. The Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, so if this sounds intriguing to you, head on over!


New Games:

WizKids has just announced a slew of new titles due out in 2013. Among them are some Hello Kitty-related merch, which I have no interest in. I am intrigued by their train game, though, so I’m not exactly riding high on moral superiority here. There’s also another dice-building game coming out. (WizKids are the creators of Quarriors, one of the most popular dice-building games, so their competition is essentially themselves.) We’ll see what happens, but I’m wondering if this signals the end of Quarriors expansions.



Level 7 [Escape], which is a game we enjoyed but others did not, has a new expansion due out in 2013 and is titled Lockdown. Expect five new scenarios, as well as new room tiles, enemies, and rules. We’re intrigued by the “new rules” announcement, but we’re assuming they just mean new rules to correspond to the new enemies.

Privateer Press has also announced a sequel to Level 7 [Escape] titled Level 7 [Omega Protocol]. This game picks up where [Escape] left off. The intrepid heroes of the previous game have escaped, and the facility has fallen into anarchy. One player controls the aliens, while the other players control squads of guards, and they all presumably battle amongst themselves for control of Subterra Bravo. Also, there are minis. Check out their preview video.


Other News:

Fantasy Flight’s Tournament Season is drawing near. If you want in, check here for a venue near you!

Wil Wheaton eloquently sums up his experiences getting Tabletop off the ground. As always, his candor and honesty are charming.



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