Weekly Roundup 2/15/13

Weekly News


New Games:

Firefly. Board. Game. Seriously.

Also, Mass Effect Risk. This one . . . well, we’ll see.


Kickstarter Game of the Week:

Because apparently all games announced this week have to be previously-created intellectual property, GameSalute has announced it’s new Kickstarter for Oz, a storytelling game it’s trying to get off the ground. They’re promising innovation to the genre, and we love that kind of thing.



Enchanting Tales and Seafaring Tales – two expansions due out in 2013 for the popular story-telling card game Once Upon a Time.


Other News:

Hot on the heels of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, this past week was the American International Toy Fair in New York. We pointed out some of the things that particularly caught our eye, but for some general views of things out of general geek culture, check out complementary news coverage.



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