Weekly Roundup 2/13/14

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Never ones to slack off, Fantasy Flight has announced an expansion for Eldritch Horror. Forsaken Lore adds over 200 cards to the original game.

War and Peace is an expansion for Archipelago. You can read more details at BGG!


Crowdfunding Corner:

High Heavens has set up a new campaign to fund Egyptian, Valkyrie, and Medusa minis for their previously-funded game. At the time that the High Heavens campaign ended, the team didn’t have the funds to create all the minis for their expansion packs. So, now they’re here. And it’s already well past funded.

Bigfoot is a light, two-player card game designed by Scott Alves and put out through Game Salute. In it, a clever cryptozoologist must track down the elusive beast using only his wits . . . and a series of traps. $15 will net you a copy of the game.

AMP: Year One is a game about origin stories from Third Eye Games. The world has recently undergone a transformation, leading to the creation of super-powered individuals who must learn to exist in a dark, modern world. There’s conspiracy aplenty, and difficult choices. I always end up inadvertently becoming a villain in games like this, but the designers insist that there are no heroes or villains here . . . I think it all depends on how you define “hero,” really.

Konane is a long-established abstract strategy game with its roots in Hawaii. It has similarities to both chess and checkers, but it’s definitely a distinct game. There’s currently an effort to bring the game to those beyond the islands. The game is at the $20 pledge level.

Bump in the Night is a 3d6-based system with a paranormal theme. PCs are investigators hunting down creepy-crawlies for The Agency, a group devoted to supra-scientific research . . . or, really, whatever you’d like it to be devoted to. $10 gets you a copy of the PDF. I have such a soft spot for haunted houses, so I’m seriously considering this one.

I don’t see many solo games, so Journey to the Overland caught my eye. It’s a one-player, fantasy RPG in which the PC. One of the best things about RPGs is the interaction, but this could be a good choice for players without a regular group.

Province is a euro-style microgame about resource management . . . and that’s about all there is to it. If you like micros, check it out. The game itself is only $5.


Other News:


Do I have your attention yet? Good, because Wizards of the Coast and Wizkids are putting out some new D&D minis. You can check them out here.



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