Weekly Roundup 12/5/13

Weekly News


New Games:

Fantasy Flight’s new Lovecraftian game Eldritch Horror is on sale online and at your FLGS.



Fantasy Flight is putting out The Laboratory, a new expansion for Mansions of Madness.

Cards Against Humanity is putting out their fourth expansion. Think of the children! (via Purple Pawn)


Crowdfunding Corner:

Hold Your Breath, the final installment in the Get Bit/Walk the Plank series of stupid pirate games is live! Curious on its predecessor? Check out our review of Walk the Plank!

These dice give you two chances at rolling a six . . . along with everything else. Operating on the premise that d12s roll better than d6s, DoubleSix Dice combines the two. Twice the gimmick, or twice the fun?

Tired of worker-placement games? How about some wizard-placement? Argent: the Consortium (my favorite word, btw) is a tongue-in-cheek aiming to be “the great American Euro game.”

And for those of you who always wanted to be Indiana Jones, I present Secrets of the Lost Tomb.

Pixel Lincoln (we reviewed that too) has an expansion up on Kickstarter.

Or, if RPGs are more your style, check out the Protocol Games Series.

Tricked-Out Hero combines a trick-taking game with a monster-slaying theme.

And Dice Crawl is not, in fact, a pub crawl at Gen Con. (But it probably should be. Get on that, Indy folk.) It’s a dungeony, tile-laying game. I stand corrected and am mildly disappointed.


Other News:

So, just in case you had some old M:tG cards you were looking to get rid of, this one just sold for almost 30k.

Another really old game piece has been unearthed. This one is from the 7th Century. (via Purple Pawn)



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