Weekly Roundup 1/25/13

Weekly News


Site News:

We’re glad to have started our new segment, In Depth!


New Games:

Martin Wallace has announced Witches: A Discworld Game. Fans of the Terry Pratchett’s book series should check it out later in 2013.



Fantasy Flight has released The City, the latest expansion for Talisman.


Other News:

No power in the Verse can stop us from getting excited about this – Toy Vault has licensed the rights to Firefly with the intention of producing, among other things, a board game! In their words: “In the months to follow, Toy Vault plans to launch multiple table-top games, decorative pillows, a line of collectible mini-plushes of the entire Serenity crew, and more.”

Equally shiny: D&D Classics, an online shop offering PDF copies of original adventures, has launched. Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with Drive Thru RPG to bring their back catalogue into the modern era.