Weekly Roundup 12/21/12

Happy Apocalypse Day!


Site News:

We’ll be taking next week off to spend hours watching cat videos on youtube celebrate the holidays. Happy/Merry Whatever Holiday You Celebrate, Gamers! We’ll be back on December 31st to ring in the new year with all new stuff!


New Games:

Fantasy Flight has released their Star Wars card game, as well as accompanying art sleeves.

Z-Man’s Clash of Cultures started showing up in some stores last week, but it is much more widespread this week. If you’re a fan of big box and/or Civ-building games, check it out!



If you are one patiently awaiting the next Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts expansion, will have to wait a bit longer. The Rio Grande web page for it has been updated to reflect a release push from around now to March 2013.


Other News:

If you picked up an English-language copy of Mystery of the Abbey when it was reprinted this summer, you may have noticed incorrect Mass cards in your deck. Days of Wonder is looking to correct their mistake. Check here for more info on how to obtain new cards.


Kickstarter Spotlight:

Candle Quest, an upcoming release by Gilead Games, is an approachable family game for (almost) all ages. Originally mass-released as It’s Alive, the game is being re-skinned to be closer to it’s original theme. Your task is to gather the candles for your menorah, but it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Each candle can be bought, but the prices vary and you won’t always be able to afford them. You can auction off a card to gain funds, but auctions can be tricky business. The game includes a simplifying variant to use when playing with young kids, which is a thoughtful addition. Check them out!