Weekly Roundup 12/14/12

Happy Hobbit Release Day, everyone!


New Games:

Pull out your poofy dresses and tight pants, gamers! Fantasy Flight has just announced Masques, a “game of intrigue and deception” set in beautiful Venice. The game is actually a re-release of the 2010 game Intrigo, and it’s slated for a 2013 release. We’ll keep you updated!



Fantasy Flight is at it again! In this week’s collection of announcements is the first handbook for FF’s upcoming Only War Warhammer RPG. Hammer of the Empire fleshes out the Imperial Guard, the defenders of the Imperium of Mankind.

Or, if you’re not into the good guys, Fantasy Flight is also releasing Tome of Blood, an expansion for its Black Crusade line.


Other News:

Some of the original creators of D&D are back with GYGAX Magazine, a new gaming periodical due to hit shelves soon.

Not sure that we would classify Settlers of Catan as hardcore, but it’s still nice to be recognized. The Guardian recently published this interesting article on why board games are making a comeback.

Warhammer 40k is going digital . . . again. Space Hulk, a tabletop rpg released in 1989, is being transformed into a video game. Expect it in stores next year.

Meepletown scored an interesting article with Ticket to Ride designer Alan Moon. Check it out here.


Kickstarter Spotlight:

We found this gem on Kickstarter this week. If you’re interested in American History, check out this new semi co-op game, 1775.