Weekly Roundup 1/18/2013

Weekly News


Site News:

We’ve redesigned and made some major improvements to the main site! Share your opinions in our forums!


New Games:

Voodoo Mania, by Huch games, is due to appear at Nurnberg 2013. It’s a fast-paced, simultaneous action card game in which players try to empty their hands while casting voodoo spells.

Days of Wonder has announced Small World 2 for the iPad via a Kickstarter campaign. We’re excited, though a little ambivalent about a(nother) larger gaming company taking the crowd-funding approach. Interesting note – the campaign is to fund both a deluxe version of the board game and the app itself.

Cryptozooic has announced ROFL, a new party game.

Fancy a walk through Whitechapel circa 1888? Yeah, didn’t think so, but you might just enjoy this new game from Fantasy Flight. Letters from Whitechapel, a deduction game pits you against Jack the Ripper.



Hey, who doesn’t love a nasty disease? Pandemic is back and better than ever. It’s getting a facelift with some gorgeous new artwork, and a new expansion (you may have to scroll for a view of the new box). Additionally, the popular expansion On the Brink for the 2nd edition is due out later this year.


Kickstarter News:

Kickstarter, like most places, got a little quiet over the holidays. After posting it’s 2012 review, it looks like things are ramping up again. For us this means more games to look at! This week we suggest you look at Formula-E. We had the chance to preview the game. It’s a simple, fun game for families or those looking for some easy-going game nights. What is the game about you ask? You race elephants!


Other News:

Quest Vault, Fantasy Flight’s online dungeon creation tool for Descent, is now in open beta.