Weekly Roundup 1/17/14

Weekly News


New Games:

Zombies Keep Out!, from Privateer Press, is due on shelves in April. Players are goblin inventors toiling away in their workshop when the zombie apocalypse occurs. Using only the mishmash of materials they have at hand, they have to stave off the invasion. An interesting variance here is that some rules affect players rather than characters or game states. It’ll play 1-6 goblins.



Guess what? Fantasy Flight’s doing stuff! This week, they’ve announced Oath of the Outcast, an expansion for Descent 2nd Edition.


Crowdfunding Corner:

Fresco, one of Queen Games’ hits and a Spiel des Jahres nominee, is up on KS in a Big Box Edition. This includes the game, of course, as well as ten expansion modules and a “mini” expansion. Each module seems add another aspect to the game, but I’m not clear on the difference between the expansion and the modules. You would have to pledge at least $70 to get the game, though early bird specials are in effect.

This one is doing well. Likely, really well. Tiny Epic Kingdoms is a “4X microgame” put out by Gamelyn Games. It bills itself as having all the strategy of a traditional 4X game (such as Twilight Imperium or Eclipse) in a fraction of the time. In fact, it only takes about 30-60 minutes to get through a game. At a $16 price point, it could be worth the risk.


Other News:

It seems to be a big week news-wise for Wizards of the Coast. In addition to the announcements that they’ll be making some Magic-related feature films, and the news break about high quality counterfitted cards coming out of China, it was also announced that they have teamed with a mint to create these new M:tG Collector’s Coins. Because Magic fans don’t have enough to collect already? (via Initiative: Tabletop)



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