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So, a note about the news: We’re now once again covering some crowd-funding releases in the roundup – but only those that I think are interesting, innovative, or otherwise worth your time. If you come across anything you think we should add here, please send it in.


New Games:

Expedition: Northwest Passage is a new title out soon from Asmodee. It has two – four players hunting for the Northwest Passage – the route through the continental US that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. (via Gaming Gang)

I’m not sure if Escape from Zombie City is truly an original game or if it’s more of a re-theme of Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Gameplay sounds similar, but the first was a hit so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. (via Meoples Magazine)

Quantum is going to make it’s entrance at BGG Con (Nov 20-24 in Dallas). Copies will be on sale there, so if you’d like to get yours signed by designer Eric Zimmerman, you know where to go. (via BGG)

King of New York is the sequel to King of Tokyo, but you don’t need to have played the first to enjoy the second. I didn’t really think that sequels were a thing in board gaming, but I’ll take it. (via Meoples Magazine)

The virus is spreading! Pandemic: The Cure is a dice game set in the Pandemic world. (via BGG)

Fireteam Zero, the first title from new publisher Emergent Games, is a cooperative game in which players battle supernatural terrors during WWII. (via BGG)



Sometimes I think that Fantasy Flight should just have its own section. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately: Four new Lieutenants Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark; Game of Thrones and Android: Netrunner draft sets are in the works; the Second Thoughts pack for Android: Netrunner; and Knowledge and Defense, a new pack for the Star Wars LCG. Phew.

The Firefly game is still pretty new, but it’s first expansion is already in the works. Breakin’ Atmo should be out this winter. (via TTGN)

Cards Against Humanity is offering up another holiday expansion of sorts. We’re all doomed.


Crowdfunding Corner:

You may have blinked and, therefore, missed this, but Ted Alspach ran a very short, two-day campaign for Ultimate Werewolf. (via BGG)

Iron & Ale, by Table Forged, is back on Kickstarter. Want to be a dwarf, fight monsters, drink, and mine some rocks in the name of Glory and Honor? Sign up there! (via TTGN)

DarkStar is a far-future sci fi fantasy (my personal second-favorite genre of anything) game in which players vie for control over large expanses of the galaxy.

There’s an Alien vs. Predator minis game, which is obviously getting all the money. Obviously.

Fortress Moon: A Boardgame of 1950s Lunar Warfare is also out. I’m actually surprised that this isn’t doing a little better. The minis (all 280 of them) look neat and it’s very atmospheric.

I don’t usually cover playing cards, but these are adorable and they include a game. Of sorts. Also, Cthulhu.

I love our Eternity Dice carved from the stone of Mt. Vesuvius, and the designers have just launched a Prestige Edition of the same. These are polished with square corners, and more stone options are available.

Noble Treachery is a card and dice game about winning the throne of the Kingdom of Black Rose.

There’s going to be an expansion to the Stak Bots card game.

I love modern fantasy, so I’m very interested in Fellwater. It’s an RPG up on Kickstarter now. (via TTGN)

4Kingdoms is touted as a roleplaying game for everyone. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it looks like you can have super powers.

These game storage chests look beautiful. And would make an excellent gift. Ahem.

Templar Intrigue is a micro-game for 7-10 players. It’s being Kickstarted by Tasty Minstrel, and they’re trying out a pay what you want set up. How…intriguing.

The Amityville Project: Phobos is a Lovecraftian horror game with minis. Here’s where you can give them all your money.

Bedlam is billed as a thoroughly uncooperative card game for 2-4 players, and is skews decidedly toward the ridiculous – not that that’s a bad thing.

I’ve never seen a papercraft game before, but Viking Horde aims to combine the two.

I DON’T LIKE SPIDERS . . . but this looks pretty cool.

Cthulhu Britannica: London is a Call of Cthulhu deluxe setting that looks well worth your money.


Other News:

Well. Michael Bay is producing a horror movie based on the Ouija Board. Sorry.

Days of Wonder is going to be offering up some hand-painted Small World minis. Pricey, yes, but also beautiful.

Jamey Stegmaier, known for blogging on all things Kickstarter process related and the public half of Stonemaier Games (makers of popular games Viticulture and Euphoria) will soon join the likes of a few other known publishers by taking his dream full-time.



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