Weekly Roundup 1/11/2013

Weekly News



Site News:

We’re in the process of tweaking the site design. Keep an eye out for a new look next week, and let us know what you think!


New Games:

Well. Bejeweled is becoming a board game. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Congratulations! You escaped the Island . . . and crash landed in the desert. Well, not exactly, but there’s a new cooperative game out from the creators of Forbidden Island. Forbidden Desert is due out in 2013.



Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom, the first expansion for the popular game Seasons, has been announced. It’s due out in June!

A Journey’s End, the final deck in Fantasy Flight’s Game of Thrones: A Song of the Sea cycle is expected on shelves in Q2 2013.

And this one is now available: Trace Amount for the Android: Netrunner is out!


Other News:

Monopoly is doing away with one of their tokens. Which one? Well, that’s up to you. Vote here.