Weekly Roundup 1/10/14

Weekly News


New Games:

Cappuccino, a new game by Asmodee, is being marketed toward the whole family. (via Intiative: Tabletop)

Twilight Creations is putting out a Cthulhu game. Hastur La Vista, Baby will be out in February.

Wizards of the Coast is set to debut new D&D rules in 2014. They’re saying summer, which usually means either Origins or Gen Con. (via Initiative: Tabletop)

In other WotC news, the Magic team has confirmed that they are in fact making reprints of the very popular Commander 2013 precons.

Cryptozoic has announced a new real-time card game. Hawken is based on the FPS mech game of the same name.

Fantasy Flight, meanwhile, is putting out an adventure game based on The Witcher.



There’s a new expansion to Zombies!!! in the works. It’s due out in March, and it includes a 160-page scenario book. Aptly, it’s named Deadtime Stories.

Fantasy Flight: Star Wars: The Card Game: Balance of the Force is the second deluxe expansion for this line; there’s revised edition of Secrets of Arkham for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game; there are also two new expansions for Talisman called The Nether Realm and The Firelands; The Dunland Trap, an expansion for LotR: The Card Game; Fire Made Flesh, an expansion for the GoT card game;

There are some new Werewolf expansions on the way as well. (BGG)

Small World is getting a little larger! A new double-sided six-player map is on the way. It includes additional rules, tokens, etc to make the game compatible with the extra sixth player.


Crowdfunding Corner:

Fief – France 1429 is a new Uwe Eickert project in which players take on the roles of nobles vying for control of 15th Century France.

Space Junk pits players against each other as they compete on an interstellar reality show. The winner is the player who earns the most Fame by building up their space ship, attacking other players, and racing around the board.

Chaosmos is a space-themed card and mini game. Players vie for control of the universe and the future of their respective races. We’ll also have a Q&A with the designer up soon!

Villages is another card game, but this one allows players to build up a village using rummy-esque mechanics.



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