The Next Elder Sign Expansion Is All Wet


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next expansion to its cooperative card and dice game, Elder Sign. Titled Omens of the Deep, the expansion is based on the Call of Cthulhu expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens mobile game, and brings with it a host of ancient slimy horrors from beneath the waves.

In Omens of the Deep, players sail aboard The Ultima Thule into unexplored corners of the Pacific Ocean to uncover the lost city of R’lyeh. This adventure will be split across two stages, allowing players to first move along the Dark Waters track in order to explore the open sea before then assembling the Amulet of R’lyeh and collecting Elder Signs to ultimately defeat the awaiting Ancient One.

This expansion introduces Pacific Adventure decks and new Mythos cards, as well as The Ultima Thule entrance card. The box will also include mission markers, eight new investigators and three new Ancient Ones determined to hasten the end of all things.

A release date for Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep has not yet been announced.