Steamforged’s Next Game Might Be Resident Evil

With its board game adaptation of Dark Souls finally in players’ hands, Steamforged has begun teasing its next project with artwork that that appears inspired by Capcom’s popular video game series Resident Evil.
Could the UK-based board game company be working on a tabletop adaptation of the popular survival horror franchise?

It certainly seems so, with the company shrouding the project behind the name “Trash Panda Metropolis,” alongside artwork of a raccoon that’s all but lifted from Capcom’s 1998 release Resident Evil 2. Much of the Resident Evil story is tied to the fictional town of Raccoon City, which adds more fuel to the idea that players may soon find themselves up against zombies and other horrors spilling out of Umbrella Corp.

The company will be hosting demos for its newest project during Gen Con in August, noting on its blog, “Hope you brought an umbrella, because it’s raining events!” The company further adds “Event name and description is subject to mutation.”

We look forward to finding out more next month, and hope that the inevitable Kickstarter will include a stretch goal for a Jill Sandwich…