Plaid Hat Games Announces Comanauts

Plaid Hat Games has announced the next game in its line of storytelling games from designer Jerry Hawthorne. Dubbed Comanauts, the game aims to build upon the Adventure Book system found in Stuffed Fables, which was released earlier this year. Unlike that game, however, Plaid Hat notes that this game will be targeted towards more “mature” players, though exactly what that means beyond a theme involving more guns and fewer stuffed animals remains to be seen.

In Comanauts, players will work together to explore and unlock various secrets hidden in the subconscious mind of a scientist named Dr. Strobal. Players will travel across eleven different areas, or Comazones, as they chase down the scientist’s inner child and face an “Inner Demon” that’s holding him hostage. I wonder if this is a literal demon, or something more metaphorical, like his guilt over having cheated on the MCAT…

Regardless, the game promises an impressive number of characters, 22 in all, each with different abilities to help revive the doc and save the day. Comanauts is available for preorder now, and players who jump on board early can snag a free promo character as well.

Look for Comanauts to arrive sometime this December.