Martin Wallace Closing Treefrog Games


Treefrog Games, the publishing imprint for game designer Martin Wallace, is closing its doors. The company’s upcoming release, A Handful of Stars, will be the last game released by the studio.

Wallace cites an increasingly crowded board game market as one of the biggest challenges he’s faced in trying to compete over the last few years, and that following the closure of Treefrog Games he will turn his attention to game design exclusively. Writing on his blog, he notes that “there will be plenty more ‘Martin Wallace’ designs in the future, they will just lack the Treefrog logo.”

Wallace describes his forthcoming game A Handful of Stars as “the final game in an unintended trilogy,” a space-themed 4X-style game of empire building that builds upon concepts introduced in A Few Acres of Snow and Mythotopia. There will be just 2500 copies of the game printed worldwide, so players with an interest in what amounts of a swan song for Treefrog Games should probably secure their copies now.

Wallace notes in his blog that he has sold the rights to the game to Fantasy Flight Games, adding that the publisher could feasibly print more copies in the future or simply use the gameplay mechanics in a different game entirely.

For the time being, players in the U.S. can look forward to a limited release of A Handful of Stars from Grey Fox Games (which also recently published the new edition of Wallace’s A Study in Emerald) in 2017. Additionally, the game can be pre-ordered directly from the Treefrog Games website for $69.99.