Just Desserts Adds Bacon Because Bacon


You know what’s missing from that cupcake? Fried meat. That’s the kind of outside-the-box thinking Loony Labs is cooking up for its upcoming expansion to Just Desserts.

Coming on January 26, the Better with Bacon expansion will came as a 10-card foil pack sizzling with six new dessert cards, each featuring the savory pork treat. These include Bacon Chip Cookies, Maple Bacon Donuts, Chocolate Dipped Bacon, Bacon Ice Cream, Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes and Candied Bacon.

Hold up, I need to sit down.

The set will also include four new bacon-themed customers, namely Abraham Bacon, The Vegetarian, The Farmer, and Kevin.

Better with Bacon represents the first expansion to last year’s Just Desserts, and will require the base game to play.