Jasco, Level 99 Partner for Mega Man Pixel Tactics


I’m going to let that headline sink in for just a moment. Publisher Level 99 Games has announced plans to bring Capcom’s long running video game icon Mega Man to the world of Pixel Tactics.

Level 99 Games has partnered with publisher Jasco Games to marry the two properties, and after nearly two years in development the pair will soon begin seeking funding for Mega Man Pixel Tactics on Kickstarter, though an exact date for the project’s launch has not yet been announced. Jasco Games successfully funded a Mega Man board game in 2014, pulling in more than $400K from 2,639 backers.

Pixel Tactics is a two-player card game series in which players compete using an identical deck of 25 cards, from which they draft a Leader card which helps dictate their strategy for the game. Players then go back-and-forth, exchanging attacks and shoring up defenses by playing cards. Play continues, as you might imagine, until one player’s Leader is defeated.

The Pixel Tactics card game series, which first launched in 2012, is itself inspired by the retro video games. Designed by Level 99 Games’ D. Brad Talton, Jr., Pixel Tactics has since its release spun off numerous sequels and side projects, each of which follow the same basic rules and thus may be mashed together however players wish. This will hold true for Mega Man Pixel Tactics as well.

Mega Man Pixel Tactics draws inspiration from the first 6 games in the Mega Man series, first released on the original 8-Bit Nintendo and Famicom game consoles between 1987 and 1994. The card game will be released in two different versions, Blue and Red, with the former including 28 characters from Mega Man 1-3, and the latter packing in 28 from Mega Man 4-6.

While the Kickstarter project is not live currently, a preview page is currently available, offering those interested an early peek as what’s in store. Each set will be available for $20, with $35 securing both. Higher tiers even include special play mats and collectors tins.