Jamaica Getting First Expansion In 2017


There’s a new expansion in the works for Jamaica. A full decade since the pirate-themed racing game first sailed onto store shelves, co-designer Bruno Cathala has taken to Twitter to officially announce Jamaica: The Crew as a new release coming in spring 2017.

For the uninitiated, Jamaica is a light and colorful game in which players race their pirate ships around the Caribbean island while taking the occasional detour to collect treasure along the way.

This expansion, as you might expect, adds new ship mates to the mix which players may spend gold to hire in order to then benefit from their different abilities. Crew are loaded onto ships just like any other good, meaning that by bringing aboard more crew players must give up space they might otherwise fill with other valuables and thus points at the end of the game.

We expect more details to come soon, and look forward to getting Jamaica back to our table to see just what this expansion adds in the coming months.