Is Mechs Vs Minions Getting an Expansion?

Riot Games’ fabulous tabletop spin on the company’s popular PC game League of Legends could be getting some new content in the near future. Recent comments from Mechs vs. Minions producer Chris Cantrell on BoardGameGeek seem to indicate that the company may be ready to announce plans for the game’s future later this year.

“We’re listening,” wrote Cantrell in a thread concerning future expansions for Mechs vs. Minions. He added, “It might not be what you’re expecting, but I hope to have more to share in the next month or so.”

Mechs vs. Minions was released in 2016 to widespread acclaim, not only for being a fun and accessible game, but also for its tremendous production value. Riot surprised many with its first successful foray into analog gaming, and so it’s anyone’s guess what Riot Games has planned for the game or what Cantrell is alluding to by teasing that the content may differ from what fans may be expecting. New boards? Playable characters? A fancy new sand timer?

We’ll certainly update you as soon as we know more.