Gygax Magazine Unveiling Details

On Saturday, Gygax Magazine launched in New York. We’re passing some of the pertinent information along to you to check it out if you so choose!

-You can purchase the first issue for $8.95 plus shipping or the first four issues for $35 and free shipping. (

-PDF copies and rates are expected soon if you don’t want the physical magazine. They are going to be slightly cheaper than the printed copy.

– The magazine will be released quarterly, but they are hoping to increase the page count (approx 60-70 per magazine currently) and are considering going more frequently in 2014 if successful.

-The content will include more than just classic tabletops.

-Additional information going forward will be released on their facebook page:

Members of the Gygax family are involved, contrary to some information out there. Feel free to check this out and share if you’re a tabletop fan!