Gamelyn Games’ New Meeples Dress For Success


Fresh off the desk of how has nobody thought of this before, Gamelyn Games has announced a new line of board game meeples that players can accessorize with swords, shields, and a host of other adorably tiny items. The new ITEMeeples were revealed this morning in an effort to stir up excitement for the publisher’s next Kickstarter, which is set to launch on October 28.

Described by Gamelyn Games as the “world’s first item-holding meeples,” ITEMeeples will offer players a way to customize their game pieces using a collection of different plastic items that simply slot into meeples using pegs. Clearly impressed with their innovation, Gamelyn Games notes that it is seeking to patent its ITEMeeples, a wise move given that we can already see these finding use with many other games on our shelves. Still, assuming these meeples are regular sized, these items are bound to be really tiny. Like, I sneezed and now where’d my sword go.

Even prior to today’s news, anticipation was already running high for Tiny Epic Quest, which promises a sandbox-style adventure that lifts inspiration from classic video games such as The Legend of Zelda. The game represents the latest in the company’s line of small box board games from designer Scott Almes, and players can look forward to joining the adventure when Tiny Epic Quest debuts on Kickstarter later this week.