Fantasy Flight Ushers In a New Age Of Twilight

With Gen Con on our doorsteps, we shouldn’t be surprised to see some big game announcements inching their way onto our radar ahead of the big show. Publisher Fantasy Flight Games this morning attempted to break the internet with their announcement of a new fourth edition of its popular game of galactic conquest, Twilight Imperium.

First released in 1998, the third edition of Twilight Imperium was released more than a decade ago to widespread acclaim. The new edition, which celebrates the game’s 20th anniversary, promises to “refine” ideas introduced in previous versions while “placing emphasis on player interaction and streamlined rules for a definitively immersive and engaging Twilight Imperium experience.”

The fourth edition of the tabletop space opera will include a space king’s ransom in cardboard and minis, from 350 plastic ships to 561 command and control tokens. The game is currently available for pre-order for $150. We can’t wait to see this beast on the table, and look forward to hearing more from Gen Con next week.

Conquering Rex has never been a small endeavor…