Fantasy Flight Brings Fallout To The Table

Seek shelter friends. Publisher Fantasy Flight Games is aiming to seal players away from harmful radiation with a board game adaptation of the popular video game series Fallout.

The first company teased the board game on its Twitter account this morning using the series’ “Please Stand By’ test pattern before formally announcing the forthcoming game this afternoon. Fallout is based third and fourth games in the series as well as other optional downloadable content released since 2008, and pits between one and four players against each other in a game of exploration and territory control. According to Fantasy Flight’s website, the game won’t be exclusively competitive, with players having the option to work together to extend their reach across the radioactive wastes.

Of course, the series’ iconic S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system also makes an appearance, with players updating their characters over time with different abilities in order to better survive live in the Wasteland. Fallout looks to embrace the video game series’ strong narrative focus, giving the players the opportunity to not only grow their territory, but also immerse themselves in the Fallout universe through a number of different scenarios, quests and choices.

Fallout is expected to irradiate store shelves this fall. There’s one thing we feel certain of, however. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the television or at the table. War. War never changes.