F2Z Entertainment Becomes Asmodee Canada


Following an announcement over the summer by Asmodee that it was looking to acquire F2Z Entertainment, it now appears that this is a done deal. In addition, according to a report by BoardGameGeek citing anonymous representatives of F2Z, the Canadian publisher/distributor also appears to have officially changed its name to Asmodee Canada.

Asmodee collects companies the way other people hoard Precious Moments figurines, and this latest acquisition, while certainly not the first for Asmodee, was arguably among its most lucrative, giving the industry gladiator rights to numerous other holdings including most notably Z-Man Games and Plaid Hat Games.

The completed merger further adds to Asmodee’s portfolio of companies it controls, a laundry list that includes Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Catan Studio, Space Cowboys, and more.

As of right now any details beyond the name change remain the subject of speculation.