Everything Epic Planning A New Horror Game For 2017


Halloween is barely in the rear-view mirror, and already Secrets of the Lost Tomb publisher Everything Epic is making plans to scare players next year in a new horror game called Coma Ward.

Coming to Kickstarter in the spring from first-time game designer Danny Lott, Coma Ward is a horror-adventure game in which players awake in an abandoned hospital with no memory of how they got there. Appearing to lift inspiration from Betrayal at House on the Hill, Coma Ward asks players to explore the hospital using randomly drawn tiles while monitoring their characters’ health and keeping a tenuous grip on their sanity. Players will work to discover clues before eventually uncovering the phenomenon, one of several storytelling elements that appear to serve a function similar to that of Betrayal’s haunts.

In an interesting twist, players will not know until this moment if the goal of the game is competitive or cooperative, and thus who around the table can be trusted. Players will open a sealed envelope specific to their situation, which will then spell out the details of their plight. Coma Ward will be playable with between 2-6 players, with games taking between 45-120 minutes.