CMON Dates Bloodborne Game For November 11


Holy smokes, that’s this Friday! CoolMiniOrNot has announced that its card game adaptation of the popular video game Bloodborne will be released to retail on November 11.

The game is designed by Eric M. Lang (Arcane Academy, Blood Rage), and promises the same intensity players enjoyed in FromSoftware’s award winning video game. Specifically, the card game is based on the game’s Chalice Dungeons, a vast network of underground ruins and procedurally-generated dungeons that tested players resolve with brutal difficulty.

As with the video game, players can expect to die a lot playing Bloodborne: The Card game. It’s not a question of if, but when. Players work together as Hunters with the goal to collect trophies from those they kill before facing off against one of several bosses. However, while the game is cooperative, there is only one true winner, namely whichever player was able to bag the most trophies by the end of the game.

If you enjoyed Bloodborne, just enjoy a bloody, uphill climb on game night, head over to your FLGS this Friday and pick up a copy.