Asmodee Mixing Up Digital Potion Explosion


Last year’s Potion Explosion will soon be brewing a vial of digital fun. Publisher Asmodee Digital today announced plans to bring Horrible Games’ popular fantasy puzzler to iOS and Android devices in early December.

The tabletop version of Potion Explosion was released in 2015 as a light strategy game of pattern recognition and set collection for 2-4 players. In the game, players compete as students in Potions Class, mixing ingredients by way of colored marbles in order to collect and drink them to gain magical abilities.

This latest version of Potion Explosion is being created by Italian game developer Studio Clangore, and will offer both single player as well as online multiplayer modes. Without the fun of the physical marbles, however, I’m curious how much excitement will be left on the table. Still, for anyone eager to mix potions on the go, the mobile version will arrive next month for $6.99.