A Hot Little Bit Of News

So, remember how Scoville was our January 2015 Indie Spotlight game? And we ran a naming contest for a unique recipe? Well, Tasty Minstrel Games has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for an expansion, called Scoville Labs. Scoville Labs expands the game by giving each player their own personal lab board that they can use to breed peppers outside of the influences of the other pepper farmers, thus giving you the opportunity to grow some of those harder-to-claim peppers for your chili competition. Additionally, Scoville Labs will also be adding a handful of new recipes to the game. scoville empty recipe

Why is this particularly relevant here? Well, if you’ve happened to look at the Kickstarter page so far, you may notice that the recipe on the page will look a little familiar:  it’s the same one we used in our contest.


And there’s good reason for that – we’re in the game!republica


Yes, we’re happy to report that we managed to get a modified version of one of favorite recipes from the contest into the expansion, and we can finally share that with all of you! How cool, er, hot is that?!?

For more information on Scoville Labs, be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page. Things are already heating up on it!