Score Some Cardboard Bliss!

The land of Euphoria can be a bleak and scary place. Well, it can be if you know better. If you’re ignorant of the world that is being kept from you, things may seem perfectly fine. In Euphoria, players have to navigate their way through four different faction territories in order to assert enough authority and secure the win. Perhaps that means working against the establishment. Perhaps working for them.

But you look like an intelligent person in search for some higher truth. And we may happen to have some of that truth. A big ol’ helping of it, in fact. We think you can handle a hint of this nature.

For you see, you’ve been lied to. You haven’t been given the whole picture. Do you honestly believe that the people of Euphoria would let you learn everything? How quaint.

Yes, the Euphorans have been holding out. Would you like the complete picture? To end the lies?

We have to warn you though: one you know this information, you can’t unknow it. Are you ready?