Hitting Past-Forward: A Paradox Giveaway

Whether it’s gazing through a telescope, exploring the world of science fiction, or simply staring up at the night sky, one thing about space is abundantly clear: there’s a lot of it.

No, really. Imagine how big you think space is, in all of its scope and grandeur. All of the planets, suns, asteroids, black holes, little green men, and all the still undiscovered phenomena you can imagine. Take that all in in. Then multiply it by a million and you’ll have a start at how awesomely big the cosmos is. It’s so huge, in fact, that there’s plenty of unknown events happening all the time out there. We certainly knew nothing about The Quake before today.

Oh, did you not either? Well, it’s not really surprising. Earth just figured out gravitational waves are real. Turns out the existence of a cosmic storm that ruptures the fabric of space-time itself hasn’t really come up on our scientist’s radar yet.

paradox indie cover

As it turns out, that’s probably for the best. For it is such an event that brings us here today. The fate of many worlds rests in your ability to grasp the idea of a colossal cosmic event that doesn’t just imperil worlds now. No, it can also travel back in time and destroy a planet centuries in the past, or centuries in the future. Basically, if The Quake were a person, they’d be the most flighty and ill-tempered time traveler ever. And we have to stop it.

In Paradox, your goal is to try to save as many worlds as possible by acquiring a planet’s timeline cards and then gathering the necessary energies to secure them away from the damage path of The Quake itself. Getting energy isn’t a standard resource mechanic in this game, however. Instead, it utilizes a tile-swapping matrix of colors and symbols that you’ll need to manipulate to create the right energy strings.

Think Bejeweled but with an actual point behind it.

Of course, doing so alters the flow of The Quake itself, which in turn, endangers different worlds, starting the process anew. Hence the paradox of Paradox. The simple truth is unless you’re Q trying to prove a point, you won’t be able to save every planet across every timeline. The more worlds you save, the bigger a hero you’ll become. And being a hero to untold aliens is a pretty big thing. Not space big, but still.

To put an end to The Quake, we’ll have to leapfrog through time ourselves, venturing into into the past, present, and futures of the very worlds we’re trying to save. That’s where you come in. Because we’re sending you. So grab your trail mix, as we’re about to hit the Past-Forward button and hope you can save the universe. By our calculations you have a little over a week to accomplish this – at least linearly. If you want to take the long way around and add an extra couple months going into the future first, that’s totally up to you.

In exchange, we’ll give one lucky savior of all existence this handy game that simulates the sensation. If you want in on the chance for a token of our appreciation, enter now while you will/do/had the time! From now until midnight EST on April 2nd you can check the contest out on our Facebook page, or by entering below. Just follow the entry form and proceed with the contest. The more you do, even if just one, you still have a better chance than not entering at all. Of course you’re welcome to do that too. But your odds of winning drop to zero. No pressure or anything.


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The Fine Print: The Cardboard Republic, in conjunction with Split Second Games is giving this game away strictly for entertainment purposes. This act is not a paid endorsement by Split Second Games Games or any other entity. This contest is open to individuals only. Staff members of The Cardboard Republic and Split Second Games Games are not eligible to participate. For winners outside of the Continental US, the publisher reserves the right to request they cover part or all of the shipping costs.