Feeding the NSKN Dragon: A Hangout With Andrei Novac

As part of The Cardboard Republic’s Indie Spotlight for July on NSKN Games‘s┬áRoman-themed worker placement game Praetor, we thought we’d build up some attention on it the same way you build up Hadrian’s Wall.

So join us on the evening of July 16th if you will, for a status report from Rome with the current regional Praetor (and one of the founders of NSKN), Andrei Novac. We’ll chat about Praetor, Exodus: Proxima Centauri, Progress and more!

At 8PM Eastern, we will be hosting a live Google Hangout with Andrei, and you can find the event information here.

Come by and tune in! In the meantime, if you have any questions for Andrei regarding anything NSKN related, we invite you to leave a question in the Q&A section and we’ll try to get him to answer them!