Insta-Impressions Roundup for 7/1/16

Insta-Impressions are a series of raw initial observations about games over on our Instagram account. Not intended to be highly complex or nearly as comprehensive as our standard reviews, these offer up visually fun and timely feedback of games hitting our table that may take months to get reviewed in full, if ever.

Happy Friday! We’re heading into a long holiday weekend here in the US, so things are going to get a little quiet the next few days – hopefully because we’ll be playing more games! It’s been busy so things continue to be light on this end, but here’s our latest Instagram-based mini observations of games played over the last week to share with you here all the same. You can see more of these and other photos over on Instagram.



ryan1-2Ryan: I quite enjoyed Signorie. I thought the dice action pools were clever, and I really enjoyed the necessity of having to strategically string different parts of the game together. I grant that the marriage/babies actions are a little odd to play with, as I feel like there’s less agency for the female meeples comparatively – which is an odd thing to put in a sentence. But, well, there you are. That said, for a Euro it still works and makes sense based on the game’s premise and theme. I actually didn’t think there was a downtime issue per se (first playthrough notwithstanding), but I did feel like the game went on a round too long. Will have to experiment with that part.


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