Insta-Impressions Roundup for 6/24/16

Insta-Impressions are a series of raw initial observations about games over on our Instagram account. Not intended to be highly complex or nearly as comprehensive as our standard reviews, these offer up visually fun and timely feedback of games hitting our table that may take months to get reviewed in full, if ever.

Happy Friday we hope! It’s been light on game nights lately, but here’s our latest Instagram-based mini observations of games played over the last week to share with you here all the same. You can see more of these and other photos over on Instagram.



Panda camel 🐼 leading the herd. First time playing Jaipur. I know, I know, late to the party. #boardgames #jaipur #panda

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ryan1-2Ryan: I too liked this lightweight game. It flows incredibly well and really scratches the set collection itch while still being designed solely for two players – which isn’t often the case. You can play the game on a very surface level or dive into the mind game of trying to out-think your opponent, and both are equally enjoyable. I’d like to explore it more to see where all the archetypes fall on it, but that shouldn’t be a problem as it’ll definitely be staying in the collection.


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