Alle Spiele

Ahh the coveted Spiel des Jahres award. Given out once each year by the German gaming industry as a testament to fun, innovating, and interesting games, this is the Academy Award for board games. As the hobby grows the number of competing awards increase, but since it’s creation in 1979, this is still the one to have. 2013 will have just the 35th winner, though they often have special categories and a children’s line.


And yet, I’m sad to admit that I’ve only played a fraction of them.

To rectify this, I am launching a personal campaign, cleverly called Alle Spiele. Over the coming months (well year plus) I wish to play all of the Spiel des Jahres winning games along with the newly-created Kennerspiel des Jahres award started in 2011 as a more advanced game category. I’ve created a page on the site to track my progress.

Sure, the newer games will be easier to come across, but short of spending a personal fortune, not all of them will be so easy. This will take time and resources to find them all, let alone play them.

I’m not above assistance though. If you have any that you are willing to temporarily lend or donate for this endeavor, by all means contact me. It’ll certainly be appreciated!

Alle Spiele for me will be a game in and of itself, I feel. And who could resist that?