Speeding Around the Learning Curve

Speeding Around the Learning Curve

Or, Introducing New Players to the Pleasure and Complexity of Non-Gateway Games

Let me set the scene: its game night. The board is out, the pieces are distributed. You’re waiting on one more guy . . . who texts you. He’s bringing a friend, and that friend’s game experience ends at Monopoly. You look down at your table, with its board, expansion board, four draw piles, leveled currency system, and fifteen-page rulebook…

CYOAThis isn’t going to go well.

Now, you can box everything up and pull out Settlers of Catan, or you can forge ahead. Choose your own adventure, and choose wisely:



If you decide to grab a gateway game instead, read “Qualities to Look for in a Gateway Game



If you choose to Continue With Your Game, read on.