Unveiling the Gamer Archetype Quiz

You’ll probably see a number of these notifications over the next few weeks, but I assure you they’re a good thing!

Today I am very happy to announce the roll-out of our Gamer Archetype quiz. As you may have seen over at the Gamer Type Landing Page, we here at the Cardboard Republic focus on what we have determined to be the six core playing styles that uniquely exist for board, card, and tabletop games. Through extensive discussion and testing, we have distilled them into the archetypes mentioned.

The quiz results will reflect a primary category if you’re like me and are really one type over the rest. (Spoiler: I’m a Tactician). Otherwise, it will inform you of your top two results.  Now, most people likely are a combination of several, and that’s good! The gaming world would get pretty dull if we didn’t have lots of different play styles to mix things up a bit. Still, we’ve determined that even though your mood or the players present can affect how you play a game, at the end of the day most people still favor certain styles over others.

I encourage you to give it a try. For starters, it’s fun! But also, as I mentioned in my previous post, we intend to include discussion of these types from time to time in our articles.

The version you will see is currently in beta form. Additional changes and improvements are coming, so keep an eye out!

For now though, you may find now find access to the quiz in the menu. Or you can click here. Go on. Click it. It doesn’t bite.




No, OK, it’s safe. We fixed that bug.



Ryan LaFlamme