The Indie Cavalcade Returns!

It’s official: the prepping for Gen Con 2016 has begun. And we’re happy to report that the Indie Cavalcade list is set to return!

Gen Con is one of the largest game conventions in the world. There is an incredible amount of gaming to be found at this massive expo, with hundreds of vendors, retailers, and publishers all vying for your attention. That says nothing of the fact that this year’s expo hall will be its biggest size yet, adding even more booth space.

And that’s just the expo hall itself. The Best Four Days in Gaming also hosts an extensive list of events, panels, tournaments, and a giant cavernous open play hall for people to sit down and try out newly acquired titles.

When they say that Gen Con is big, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s huge. There is tons to see, and it’s hard to find the time to see everything you want, let alone any hidden indie game gems that you may not have ever heard of from an unknown publisher or designer.

The thing is, most of these indie titles aren’t found among the AAA publisher names and big title releases. So while there are plenty such games being shown off at Gen Con, it’s often not easy to track them down. Some may have scheduled demo times in a room or booth, but others may be only available to see upon request or in the evening hours of the play hall. You can find them if you know where to look. The problem is that there isn’t a comprehensive list to help you find them, especially one that covers all of the indie organizations as well as individuals doing their own guerrilla-style demoing.

That is, until last year.

That’s where the Indie Cavalcade list came in. We listed over 125 indie games for Gen Con 2015 that weren’t going to show up on the Expo Hall map, including how you could find info on the games themselves, where and when the game could be found, and how best to contact the people showing them off.

And we’re doing it again.

(We’re also continuing the Lost and Found section of the Cavalcade, which is for any publisher that will be on the expo floor but their name isn’t listed on the Gen Con map for one reason or another.)

Having learned from our inaugural attempt where we could improve the process for 2016, the first thing we’re doing is starting the submission process much earlier this time around. Because last year we simply didn’t know better.

Secondly, we’re currently looking into a friendlier way to view the list online, especially for mobile devices. So we’ll have a viewable list up as soon as possible so you can watch it grow. In the meantime, if you are a designer or small publisher not on the map but will be attending Gen Con 2015, let us know! The best way is to fill out this form. We want to hear from you!

For questions or more info, you can contact us via email or Twitter.