The 3K Q&A

Hail Citizens!

Just recently, we at the CR hit 3,000 followers over on Twitter, and we’re in a mood to celebrate. Sure it’s an arbitrary number that holds no real significance as to the quality or measure of one’s work or worth, but it’s also kind of fun to recognize that accomplishment all the same, right? Right. So we’re going to err on the side of fun. Because…obviously.

We thought about different ways we could ring in the milestone, as we wanted to try to do something we hadn’t done before. And then we came up with a Q&A session. Just in reverse.

Yes, while we’ve done quite a few Q&A interviews over the CR’s 4.5 years with an excellent assortment of designers, publishers, and other awesome people in the gaming industry, this time we’re turning the tables on ourselves. We want to hear from you. Anything you’d like to ask Erin or Ryan regarding gaming, the site, and everything in between, now is your chance.

It’s like an AMA, minus the whole having to use Reddit thing.

From now through June 11th, we’ll compile all the questions and choose a number to answer in a short Q&A video to share shortly afterwards.

To participate, simply shoot us a message on Facebook, Twitter, BGG, email…or just fill out the box below.

Yeah, we tried not to make it that difficult.

Ask away! And thanks for helping us reach 3,000!