Spotlight Down During Intermission

By now you may have noticed that the October Indie Spotlight is a bit lacking in, well, a game. And there’s a purely good reason for that: all of the choices were terrible. Simply terrible…



Nah, were just kidding. The truth is there are a number of good games we could have chosen for October to talk about, and we feel more than a little bad that someone is going to miss out of a possible time to shine. But we ran into two problems:

  1. Originally our focus on Classic Games was only going to be for a week. The more we got into it, though, the more it was obvious that at least two weeks were going to be necessary. So we decided to run with it, forgoing most of our normal schedule. However, this took valuable space away from being able to talk about any game we’d select. We didn’t feel it’d be fair to choose a game and only give it two weeks of attention instead of the full four. So the editorial decision was made to skip it, regrettably.
  2. Speaking of editorial decisions, that comes to our second issue. When your Editor in Chief and  your News Editor decide to up and take one of those vacation…things for a couple weeks, it makes it difficult to keep a normal workflow. We thought about going all Battle Royale for seniority in their absence, but it would have proved too much of a hassle finding an adequate isolated island. So we’ll just hold down the fort until they return, kick our feet up, and dig into a riveting 360 hour game of Risk. So, uh, any takers?