Join Us For A Gen Con Panel!

Contrary to popular belief, the written review is not dead. In reality, board gaming has never had a better, richer assortment of written content as it does right now. They’re the ones making the articles you read in a crowded places and the reviews you look up when you want to sift through a game’s merits at your own pace. They’re news posters, list makers, and crafters of press releases. And by George they’re everywhere, quietly doing their thing in the analog sea of board game material. Why, you’re partaking in written content right now and you might not even realize it!

Yeah, we’re sneaky like that.

And so, as part of Gen Con’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to help celebrate their contributions by giving you a chance to learn exactly what that side of content creation is like – straight from some of the most respected written review sites in the hobby.

So come and join us at Gen Con on Friday, August 18th at 7PM for Cardboard Quills: A Written Reviewer Roundtable.

We’ll be doing a live Q&A with the audience, giving you a chance to interact with a number of folks, including:

Yes, the powers that be were able to drag us from behind our respective keyboards to do it, largely due to the chance to interact with an people like you (also some cookie-based bribes), and as a result we’re happy to report that this event is totally happening.

What is it like to do prolonged game writing? What exactly are the pros and cons compared to podcasting or YouTube? Now’s your chance to ask us in person for some honest answers.

And at the very least, it’ll give you proof that we do indeed exist.

Oh, and we also may have a goodie or two lined up. Just saying…

Hope to see you there!