It’s Another Siteiversary!

They say to remember the Fifth of November, and we’re sure there’s some historical context for that phrase somewhere, but for us here at the CR, November 5th was our launch date. Which is today. Which officially marks us as six years old.

Six years ago we started as a small crew from New England who sought to create reviews that focus on what you, the reader, would enjoy about a game – not whether or not we do. We also sought to create a space where we could help highlight small and indie game publishers so their titles could be occasionally seen among the crush of titles released every year – especially as this new crowdfunding site was coming into its own called Kickstarter. And we wanted to find a way of celebrating the human side of gaming, which can often become lost in the focus on just the games themselves. Six years later, and that’s still our primary mission.

It’s been an interesting ride, and we’re glad you’ve let us continue to do that. To talk about games from different angles. To celebrate the worthiness of games no matter the company’s size or gaming pedigree. To promote inclusivity and reiterate that people, more than anything else, make up why gaming is so great. To provide insight and conversation that’s hopefully seen as both measured and entertaining.

Maintaining it hasn’t always been easy, especially in the last 12 months, but your continued support and engagement has made those labors of love worth it.

We know we aren’t a large site. We know you have way more board game content options to choose from than when we started in 2012. And we know it’s not always easy to get excited about written content. Yet we’re miraculously still here doing our thing all these years later. And a large part of that is thanks to you.

So here’s to six years, and to the next one! We have ambitions on new projects. We’re actively looking to grow our contributor base. And we’re optimistic that we can continue providing the same kind of content you’ve come to expect from us.

Thanks again. Really.


The Cardboard Republic Crew

-Ryan, Erin, Dave, Sara, and Brendon