GenCon Bound

Hey all,

It’s that time of year again, when many gamers on this side of the Atlantic begin their annual pilgrimage to Indy like salmon to the ocean’s waters.

This year, we will be part of that experience. One of our staff has attended several times, but for most of us, this will be a first-time venture. And like many things in the first year of our existence here at the CR, we’re figuring out what works and what doesn’t. That includes things like, you know, initially thinking we were going to be able to squeeze everything into 2.5 days out of four. We quickly corrected that notion when it was apparent that there was no way in Tartarus that was going to happen.

Getting as much on our docket taken care of beforehand was another such goal. (We know there isn’t a lot of sleeping that goes on during GenCon, but ensuring that we catch up on all of the previews and emails before we left has made for some late nights.)

The Cardboard RepublicThat said, while we will make an effort to check communications like email, Twitter, and others when we can, chances are responses will be spotty until sometime Monday. If we don’t get back to you until then, I assure you we’re not ignoring you on purpose. Except for Steve. He knows what he did.

For anyone also attending GenCon, we wanted to make ourselves available. We’re looking forward to interacting with a lot of the developers and industry folks we’ve been working with in these many months, but we also wanted to ensure that readers may have a similar opportunity.

So, we have set aside a time slot on Saturday from 6-9PM where we will be in the Gaming Library. Just look for a couple of folks wearing the site logo. Feel free to stop and say hello! I’ve had all my shots, I swear.

In any case, we’ll be back to normal web chatter by next week. We. . . well we likely still won’t have caught up on sleep, but we’ll have a whole host of new things to dig into and talk about with you.

And now, let the pilgrimage commence!